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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I was on BBC Radio Berkshire with Maggie Philbin!!!!

Guys I was late to work this morning and being not the ideal employee today. I strolled in around 11am in the morning to work. COS I WAS ON THE RADIO!!!!

I had to get up 6am for this LIVE Radio feed which start at 7am, but they BBC crew must have gotten up way before that. It was quite surreal, got up at 6am and started tidying up the house and making sure everything was in place and then 7am. No one!!! I thought................ did they get lost? Have they found the wrong house? Are they not coming? So I popped out the house and walked out and I saw a MASSIVE tall antenna sticking out the roof of a van. This antenna was HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE!!!

So then I saw Maggie Philbin (well known for presenting of Swap Shop and Tomorrow's World), walking down the road in her radio gear. Very friendly lady!!! I must admit I was abit over energetic chatting to her, I blame it on drinking too much tea :S When we had the interview there were about 4x 5 mins interval from 7am to 9am chatting about the motorbike.

In between the interview she was a great person to chat with, as well as her assistant let's not forget! You can hear the whole conversation once I manage to get a file off the producer so keep checking back to listen in!!! Thanks Doms for giving me half the day off to do that as well!!!

Oh yeah, I asked for her autograph!!! Hells yeah!!!

It's quite late now and have to get ready for work but I will edit and add more to this post tomorrow!!!


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