Hi, my name is Michael Cheung, and the purpose of this "Paperclip Challenge" is to start with a paperclip and trade for something better. Then after that I trade and trade and trade until I get myself to the goal of getting a FLAT!!! Nope not a house, A FLAT!!!. It's a daunting task but then again its not called "The Paperclip Challenge" for nothing! If you are interested then please send an e-mail to MHYCheung@hotmail.CO.UK.

Friday, October 27, 2006

TRADE 3: The Farting Teddy Bear

Alright!!! Not even a week has passed and I'm on my third trade!!! Yup! Thank you Ron for the trade. Hope you enjoy the ring!!! This thing is going better than expected. nearly 200 hits on my page in the space of less than one week and the response has been better than expected!!! I'm on a roll!!!

So the next trade, behold!!! A cute teddy bear that farts!!! It's quite mint. So mint that it still has the original tag on it!!! I was kicking myself for not being patient with the ring trade. I could actually traded it for 12 Simpson videos if I waited a little longer. Oh well I'm still happy to have a teddy bear from a paperclip. It's progress!!!

Common guys!!! Join the Challenge!!!

This is Ron by the way :)

Contact e-mail: MHYCheung@hotmail.co.uk


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