Hi, my name is Michael Cheung, and the purpose of this "Paperclip Challenge" is to start with a paperclip and trade for something better. Then after that I trade and trade and trade until I get myself to the goal of getting a FLAT!!! Nope not a house, A FLAT!!!. It's a daunting task but then again its not called "The Paperclip Challenge" for nothing! If you are interested then please send an e-mail to MHYCheung@hotmail.CO.UK.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

TRADE 5: BMX Nirve Bike colleceted on NEW YEAR'S DAY!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE!!! I haven't been doing any trades lately cos I've been waiting. Waiting for the Christmas period to be over. And why you ask???? Where there are new things for Christmas, old things are thrown away!!!

AND BEHOLD!!! The wait is over!!! A Snooker for a BMX!!!. The picture above is Anthony from Kidderminster who wanted to trade on one condition. That I gave him a case of Stella beer. Well I thought this was too much of a good offer to resist.

We traded by meeting up outside Kidderminster in a Safari Zoo at around 2pm today. It was raining heavily as you can tell, but well worth the 3 hours drive to get it!!!

Thanks again Anthony, enjoy the snooker cue and beer.

So let's sum up what I've done so far!!!

I swapped this paperclip with my sister for a wooden ring.

Which I then swapped with Ron from North England for
His teddy bear where I then swapped with Gary from Bristol for
his snooker which comes back to Anthony from Kidderminster and his BMX as seen at the top


Anonymous stamfordian67 said...

Hi, Peterborough isn't in Lincolnshire, it's got a life of its own lol
good luck

6:28 pm

Blogger Tavis Pitt said...

Can I have permission to copy and use the photo of you shaking hands with Anthony from Kidderminster? I wish to use it in my weblog, The Wyre Forest Agenda.

9:02 pm


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