Hi, my name is Michael Cheung, and the purpose of this "Paperclip Challenge" is to start with a paperclip and trade for something better. Then after that I trade and trade and trade until I get myself to the goal of getting a FLAT!!! Nope not a house, A FLAT!!!. It's a daunting task but then again its not called "The Paperclip Challenge" for nothing! If you are interested then please send an e-mail to MHYCheung@hotmail.CO.UK.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Paperclip Challenge has officially begun from today

Hi, ok this is my second post after just over a month, my absence was due to my travels to China. Awesome place, I really like Shanghai. Anyway, I'm gonna try and put some effort into this and make this work for real now. So here it is. One paper, ready for its first trade, contact me on MHYCheung@hotmail.co.uk

Let the challenge begin!


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